The Lake Forest College Poms Squad is dedicated to improving school spirit on campus all year round. The squad performs various types of dance and jazz style routines at halftime for basketball and football games. Tryouts are held in August and again in the spring semester. Three practices per week are held from September to the end of Februrary. Members incur a small fee for accessories.

For more information, check out the team's Facebook page or contact team captain Lexie Brown

2017-2018: Roster 





At the beginning of each semester there is an opportunity for interested students to sign up for any club sport at what is called the Involvement Fair. If a student decides to come to Lake Forest he/she can attend the Fair in the fall and/or spring and sign up for a club sport then. The Fair takes place in or behind Commons, depending on weather, within the first two weeks of classes. First-year students do not need to do anything before arriving at Lake Forest in order to participate in club sports.