Lake Forest College FANATICS

2016-17 Athletic Council Executive Board: Brittany Avonts '17 (President), Virgil Thomas '17 (Vice President), Mike Rueffer '17 (Treasurer), Matt Weidner '17 (Social Media Coordinator).

Upcoming Athletic Council (FANATIC) events:

This group is for Forester super fans to join Fanatics and attend most home athletic contest to cheer on their Foresters. The primary mission for Fanatics is to enhance and promote school spirit, increase attendance at sporting events, and build enthusiasm for Forester Athletics. Fanatics receive a lot of free gear throughout the year by attending and checking in at different Forester home contests and events. 

Over four years at Lake Forest College the investment to be a Fanatic is a total of $40/$45.

Early bird Fanatic special running through Wednesday, September 2 (Forester Fair):
Career = $40

Yearly Membership with Renewal: 1st year = $20, 2nd year = $15, 3rd year = $10, 4th year = free

Fanatic gifts: Tshirt (year 1), Drawstring Backpack (year 2), Lanyard (year 3), sweatshirt blanket (year 4)

Career Fanatics get all gifts upon sign up. 



Heather Noll, Head Volleyball Coach and Advisor, 847-735-5295,

Pat Kelliher, Head Men's Hockey Coach and Advisor, 847-735-5294,

Brittany Avonts, President,