Ira Macintosh
Team: Football, Track, Basketball

After receiving his undergraduate degree from Rhode Island State and his Master's in education from Northwestern University, MacIntosh started his coaching career at Warwick High School.  While at Warwick, he served as Athletic Director and led a team to the State Championship.  He then returned to his alma mater, while also playing in the National Professional Football League for the Providence Steam Rollers. 

He came to Lake Forest in 1927 as an assistant coach.  In 1930 he became the Athletic Director and was head coach of the football, basketball and track teams.  During his time at the College, he was the author of numerous articles on athletics. 

MacIntosh left Lake Forest in 1933 and went to Arizona State Teacher's College in Flagstaff.  He then took a coaching position at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania where he enjoyed much success, including a 14-1 season on the hardwood.  He then entered the Navy and worked at the U.S. Naval Training Center.  As a Commander, he worked in the Welfare and Recreation Office.  He also served as director of special services and worked for a period of time in Australia before returning to the States.